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  REAL MEN CHARITIES, INC. desires to work with any individual, group, or organization interested in the progression, empowerment, and cultivation of men and their families within the black and brown communities of The United States and the World. If you would like to join our initiative, or have a similar platform, or idea you would like to build with us, feel free to contact our leadership listed below: 



Yvette Moyo

    Chicago Native Yvette Moyo led a successful career as a Journalist and Marketing Expert,  before creating Real Men Charities as a co-founder in the early nineties. Moyo served as Executive Director from 2003-2013 and grew the RMC, Inc. Event"Real Men Cook" to an unprecedented  13 city presence during her tenure, among a myriad of other personal and professional achievements. Moyo still closely advises the executive activity of Real Men Charities, Inc. and has continued to diligently and relentlessly provide elder ship, support, and energy to the South Shore community and the city of Chicago as a whole. 

Contact Yvette Moyo: 



Executive Director 

Ayinde Cartman 

   Born and raised in the great city of Chicago, Illinois, Ayinde Cartman is a multifaceted spoken word Artist and Philanthropist. Having graduated from Morehouse in 2011 with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Cartman is focused and committed to providing Black men and youth with the necessary language, resources, and outreach to develop them and cultivate the best they have to offer to themselves, and their worlds. Cartman was appointed Executive Director of the organization in 2017 and has been leading a charge to reacquaint Real Men Charities, Inc. with the communities of Chicago as well as reintroduce the efforts and and achievements of Real Men Charities, Inc as not just a local initiative, rather as a national agenda. 


Contact Ayinde Cartman: 773-484-0624


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Program Director 

Dr. Obari Cartman 

Dr. Cartman is a father, son, brother, uncle, thinker, writer, therapist, professor, photographer, drummer, and grassroots mental health advocate. He received his undergraduate degree from Hampton University and a Ph.D in clinical & community psychology from Georgia State University. Dr. Cartman recently created a male rites of passage curriculum called MANifest that is being implemented in the largest juvenile detention facility in the county. Currently Dr. Cartman is the program director for Real Men Charities, Inc. where he facilitates weekly men's wellness circles.  Dr. Cartman is the immediate past President of the Chicago Association of Black Psychologists where he developed a city wide directory of Black mental health providers. 

Contact Obari Cartman: 708-543-1261


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