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  REAL MEN CHARITIES, INC. was founded in 1990 with a mission of  advocating male involvement, education,  and outreach within the greater Chicagoland area as well as a focus on providing agency and mobility in the areas of food security, proper nutrition, healthcare and the corresponding public policies surrounding these issues. Originally founded by Yvette Moyo and currently led by

Executive Director

Ayinde Cartman, Real Men Charities, Inc. strives to make an impact that is both socially conscious and communally sustainable. 

 Real Men Charities, Inc. is proud to call The Quarry Event Center in Chicago, Illinois our home. Located in the center of the communities we seek to serve, The Quarry serves as a headquarters for the programs offered through our Nonprofit organization, as well as a hub of culture for the city of Chicago.  Real Men Charities, Inc. presence extends beyond the walls of the quarry into the classroom, with platforms aimed at mentoring and supporting young men in elementary through high school throughout the various transitions in their lives. 

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Real Men Charities, Inc. presents Real Men Cook events as an opportunity to positively change the way the world views Black Men in relationship to their families and the communities. The event which takes place on Father's Day annually, serves as an all day celebration recognizing Real Men in both the community, and the world.  

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